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Age with Attitude TV

It was a privilege to work with Graham Bond, who made major contributions to OWH Television Studio's programs during 2015 by teaching videography, sound techniques and interview protocol while preparing a group of teens for the Alameda County Probation Depatrment's 2015 Tolerance Tour.


We at OWH Studios recommend his work and would be delighted to work with Graham in the future.


Faye Oliver, Executive Director, OWH Television Studios, Inc., Oakland, CA.

My online television show has benefited from Graham's contribution of camerawork, lighting and staging.

His eye for detail, concern for quality, creative solutions and understanding of my needs as the host of the show, have been a great production support.

Jan Rose Distel

Executive Producer

www. AgewithAttitude.TV

Francesca Borgatta - Artist


I would like to speak in appreciation of Graham Bond's videography. He is technically meticulous and able to follow each transition down to the last frame. He welcomes collaboration and creative involvement in any project. His suggestions are intuitive and discerning, and he has done much to help me clarify my own goals as director.

In an ongoing project involving puppets and a green screen, he has been able to use a large vocabulary of background images to create interesting and unusual combinations which helped me define the nature of that puppet.

I recommend his work highly to all adventurous directors who wish to see their own work in new ways.

Graham has been working with me for years as our primary AV Team recording, editing and processing HD video and audio content for our online educational programs at Through countless programs, he consistently creates quality products with often challenging live programs to create visually effective, well-lit footage with good sound. He has consistently delivered edited media to meet deadlines for these programs which are the backbone of our conscious business. He is a breeze to work with always having a smile, great attitude, generous heart, and kind spirit and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Cristina Star

Director TRU Education


of "The Abundance of Less"

Graham is an extremely professional videographer and editor.  He was *so* easy to work with. I am an author and a writing teacher, and have used his video of my book lecture to help reach a greater audience and promote my book via the Internet. He did so many things right, including setting up the backdrop for my talk, giving me great advice about how to work with the camera, and the smooth and clear integration of still photographs into my talk.  He even looked after the small details, such as including a small plant in the background to give the right feeling to what I was presenting.  I can’t recommend Graham enough. 

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